Saturday February 8. Buchannon Moose Lodge 8:00 PM.

Thursday March 19. Roanoke Moose Lodge 7:00 pm

Sunday March 22. Roanoke Avenue Baptist Churh. 11:00 am

Friday April 3rd Through Friday May 8th. (every friday) Wilderness Adventure (Private)

Sunday April 5. Private Party

Saturday April 18. Private Party

Saturday May 2. Benefit for Jesse Carper. We play at 7:00 pm. (more info to come)

Saturday May 3. Private Party

Saturday May 16. Newcastle Wine and Beer Festival. (Time to be Announced)

Thursday May 21. Roanoke Moose Lodge 7:00 pm

Sunday June 28. Mountain Pass Baptist Church. 6:00 pm

Sunday July 12. New Beginnings Baptist Church 11:00 am

Saturday Aug. 1. Private Party

Monday Nov. 2. Dwayne Cole Bluegrass. Salem Senior Center. 7:00 pm

Saturday Oct. 3. Mountain Magic in Fall Festival. (Time to be announced)

Saturday Oct. 10. Craig County Fall Festival. (Time to be announced)

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